Oceanlord/Sealord Anchor

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Oceanlord/Sealord Anchor

Post by keithyoung »

My cqr copy fell apart. Well fortunately I noticed the pivot pin looking a bit wobbly and pulled it out myself. But I'm in the market for a new one although my initial investigations suggest that modern anchors tend not to have straight shanks which will sit nice and flat over the oceanlord's rather short bow roller and back to the pin which holds it down at the inboard end.

What do other Oceanlord/Sealord owners who rely on their anchors have, what, if any, bow roller modification was necessary and what compromises did it require?
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Re: Oceanlord/Sealord Anchor

Post by mikebuggy »

A minor point I suppose, there's little difference between a Sealord/Oceanlord's bow and those of the Oceanranger, Consort, Oceanquest etc so the anchor suitability question is really applicable to most Dubois 35'+ designs.
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