Westerly aground in the Wirral

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Jolly Roger
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Westerly aground in the Wirral

Post by Jolly Roger » Thu Sep 14, 2017 9:10 am

http://www.ybw.com/news-from-yachting-b ... rral-59294

The photo shows the distinctive knuckled bow of a Westerly.

Anyone with any more news?
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steve parry
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Re: Westerly aground in the Wirral

Post by steve parry » Thu Sep 14, 2017 2:08 pm

Hi All,

Yep seen the photo, looks like a Centaur to me. They built them well in those days!! I don't know the out come of this grounding or how much damage was done, if it had been another make of yacht I wonder if it would have survived?


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