LED spotlights.

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LED spotlights.

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This may be of interest to anyone thinking about such things:

We have longer-term plans to redo the headlining & upgrade the lighting at that time. However, as a quick fix this has been brilliant (literally).

Our centaur has 3 little spotlights in the cabin, each had a 20W halogen MR16 lamps. I bought a pack of 5 12v LED from Screwfix (they only had singles in cool white). They are drop-in replacements in warm white and are actually a bit brighter than the ousted halogens. The colour temperature is very acceptable. Not quite as warm as the halogens but far from the unpleasant cold blue of the early LEDs. At 2.9W each that is a sizeable power saving & well worth the £10.99 and 5 minutes to change them.

These were the lowest Wattage and listed as 20W equivalent. They are too bright for the forepeak but that has a different fitting anyway.
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