Cushion re-foam

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Cushion re-foam

Post by JohnBeattieBrixham »

We have a Pentland which is in need of new foam in the cabin cushions. There seems to be a huge range of different options at an even bigger range of prices. Any advice on foam type or suppliers? We don't need new covers as the existing ones are perfectly OK.
Cheers John.
steve parry
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Re: Cushion re-foam

Post by steve parry »

Hi John,

I also have a Pentland and when I had my cushions re-done some 10 years back by Toomer and Hayter they advised meto go for top of the range foam as this will last a lot longer in the long run and todate my cushions are still perfect and haven't lost any of the bounce! If it is the main cabin and Fwd cabin you are doing go for quality especially around the sleeping quarters, minimum of 4" is recommended for both areas, so that you can sit down comfortably in the main cabin and have a good nights sleep up front. You can shop around for foam on the website and find a place near to you in Brixham(?) They will also advise you what to go for, but my advice would be always to go for quality in the long run it will save you money.


Steve Parry - WALKABOUT
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