operation controls for Eberspacher D1LC heater

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operation controls for Eberspacher D1LC heater

Post by liamocon »

Simple question (I hope). I bought my boat just over 2 years ago, but I am only getting round to trying out the heater now.

The controls are simple - a wheel that you can rotate from min to max, and a rocker switch. Also two little lights one red and one green.
Below the middle position of the rocker switch is "O" off, obviously.
to the left is "I", for when you press the switch to the left. The red light is under this.
to the right it's similar to the number "8", or maybe an infinity symbol. The green light is under this.

I could not start the system.
When I put the rocker to the left, the two lights came on, the fan started after some seconds, and then ceased after about 4 minutes.
The air blowing out the vent did not get warm.
When I put the rocker to the right, the two lights came on, but nothing else happened.

So I am wondering if there is a sequence I should follow left-then-right or vica versa. I tried them all, but nothing seemed to help get warm air flowing.

Any thoughts as to how many times I would need to run it for 4 minutes, to get it to kick into life, if it's not been used for multiple years (lets guess 6).

Final question: is there some level of servicing I can do myself, or are these generally treated as sealed units - to be left to the experts.

Thanks in advance.
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Re: operation controls for Eberspacher D1LC heater

Post by Big Andy »

I can't help you myself but you could try here :- http://www.letonkinoisvarnish.uk/Ebersp ... tro_1.html There is a lot of info on Eberspacher from an independent including maintanance and repair of the unit.
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Re: operation controls for Eberspacher D1LC heater

Post by BrightStar »

It sounds like your battery charge may be insufficient. During the 4 minutes or so the unit has gone through its purge and start up cycle, to actually ignite a voltage of about 12.5 is needed.

Try starting it with the engine running.

This problem is often made worst by running the power to the unit in undersized cables, the starting current is high, causing a volt drop in the cables if they are too small. Once the unit is running the current draw drops

I hope this helps and the beast starts, otherwise you need to check it is getting fuel, fuel pump ticking, and that the ignitor is clean and working - generally these are pretty reliable.

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Re: operation controls for Eberspacher D1LC heater

Post by Vegable »

The red light gives you the indication that the eber is "on". The rotating dial is your thermostat and when that's on max the green light should come on. When the cabin reaches desired temperature of the thermostat setting then the green light switches off. Then comes back on when the temp drops. It says in my manual to start the eber on max setting. My eber is different to yours btw.
Having said that, providing you have the thermostat set at max the eber unit should be blowing out hot air. As has been previously said check that there is a ticking noise which is the fuel pump working. If that's ok then check that the burner hasn't choked up with carbon. It does need relatively regular checking, depending on how often you use it. Say every 2 years or so.
4 mins is quite a long time to have nothing coming out of the unit. Is it making the jet engine type roar?
The starting sequence is something like......silence, then regular clicking, then (on mine) a fan noise, then what sounds like an aircraft engine starting up, then warmth.
As has also been said battery volts is critical. If the battery is low then the eber won't run. If possible run the engine whilst starting or plug in a mains charger. My eber which is the D5W takes up to 10 amps on start up and settles down to about 5/6 amps once started up.
You should be able to download a service manual off t'internet or type in "how to decoke D1LC Heater" into Captain Google, or words to that effect.
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