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Post by RAUGHTER »

Has anyone got advise on fitting a replacement cooker to a Fulmar,(Which brand etc)I have a flavell which needs replacing. Also looking at replacing fridge unit to my cool box, present unit is sited in aft locker and piped in to cool box.

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Re: Cooker

Post by BarryandLinda »

Morning John,
We replaced our Flavel Vanessa 2 years ago with a Nelson Spinflo. We are very happy indeed with it, it fits in the same space as the Vanessa, burns more efficiently and the oven cooks ( most ) things evenly ( unless heeled hard over). The best deal we found at the time was the Marine Superstore.
We had new piping and regulator fitted at the same time.
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Re: Cooker

Post by aquaplane »

I heard that the Nelson Spinflow is a drop in for the Flavel cooker too. I'm looking to replace ours as the grill has disintegrated through rusting.
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Re: Cooker

Post by alecsmart »

aquaplane wrote:I heard that the Nelson Spinflow is a drop in for the Flavel cooker too. I'm looking to replace ours as the grill has disintegrated through rusting.
I bought a gn Espace and it does all your cookers do at home but it is very expensive. Stainless steel throughout with 3 rings, racks, and fitted pots are included.

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Re: Cooker

Post by FulmarOnia »

Yes I have done this. Please see my post on the earlier thread regarding cooker choice, and this post I made on YBW some 6 years ago;

"Excellent choice. We did this on our Fulmar last winter. It wasn't a simple drop in change. But someone on this forum or the WOA one gave me a very good tip:

USE the existing Vanessa gimbals and supports - then it is almost a drop in replacement. In fact it is then a 1.5cms too wide and needs the lugs on the old vanessa support cut down a little to make it fit - or at least it did on my Fulmar.

To explain a bit more, simply remove old vanessa from boat. Then remove the gimbals from the Vanessa and use them on the Nelson. A couple of self tappers at the bottom of each side ( note s/steel is hard to drill !) plus a new hole drilled in the old gimbal support through which you put a bolt into the hole where the new gimbal arm bit is attched to The Nelson.

Obviously you can clean up aand repaint the old gimbals to look like new with silver Hammerite.

I know this may sound complicated but once you have both cookers standing side by side in your garage it will be pretty obvious. It is much easier and you get a much better result this way then trying to mount blocks to use the Nelson gimbals. As I said earlier it is a tightish fit"

I really would urge you to follow the route I took as trying to use the supplied Spinflow Gimballs in the gap from the old Vanessa isnt easy and looks awful. I know because I went down that route with a Konsort. !

Regarding the fridge unit. I fitted a new compressor in the locker under the sink. I fitted a small shelf almost directly below the coolbox itself and fitted the compressor on that. The compressor had a fan. I cut a hole in the bulkhead through into the cockpit locker and arranged the fan to blow into the cockpit locker so as to avoid a build up of heat in the under sink locker.


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