Aluminium stanchions

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Aluminium stanchions

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A number of my aluminium stanchions are corroded into their bases. Does anybody know how to loosen and remove them?
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Re: Aluminium stanchions

Post by FulmarOnia »

There are a number of "solutions" you may find if you google such as pouring boiling water over them, trying to let some form of easing oil soak in etc, but in my experience they can get to a certain point when nothing will shift them. In itself they aren't a problem, but the next stage is that the bases crack and then seriously weaken the integrity of the stanchion. Then the only solution is to replace with new bases and stanchions available from Trafalgar. Once you've been through that expense and effort , which I've done, you will adopt the approach of of smearing the stanchion/base joint heavily with a special zinc chromate paste called Duralac and then taking them apart and repeating the process once a year. In fact we leave ours disconnected over the winter when the boat is out of the water.
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