head toilet

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head toilet

Post by peteware »

advice please centaur head/toilet the toilet in our centaur is fitted offset to the left in the compartment don't know why might be great if your a 8stone woman or small bloke but 2 of us are
big men. i need to refit it about 2" to the right has anyone moved the said bowl i know the only 2 pipes come out the back and not the bottom if you pardon the pun
i have not started unscrewing it yet any advice would be helpful
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Re: head toilet

Post by mikebuggy »

You don't say what make of heads. Most boats will have had 2 or 3 changes of heads by now. They are just ordinary over the counter items from yacht chandlers, so there are many different makes out there. You can buy a complete small bum Jabsco for about £90 and a big bum Jabsco for about £120.
For all heads there is usually a thinner seawater-in hose and a thicker poo-and-seawater out hose. These go to a small IN valve and a large OUT valve. The valves must always be in good condition and be worked regularly and be kept off when you leave the boat. You can move the heads wherever you like as long as your hoses reach it. The hoses need to have a 'high loop' in them (up towards deck level) between the heads and the valves. This is to prevent the sea coming in and flooding the boat while the valves are open!!!!
The hoses need to be changed every few years otherwise they stink!!!!!....and they block up!
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