Bilge cleaning

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Bilge cleaning

Post by wotan4 »

I have a Westerly Renown and have completed all the engine maintenance but I now need to clean the bilges through. There a little oil (from the previous owner) and grime so I need a cleaner. I have been recommended Bilgex but cannot find anywhere that sells 1 litre size. I really did not want to buy 5 litres.
Can any members suggest here I can buy 1 litre or if all else fails, is there any alternative product that I could use that would clean oil, grease and grime etc
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Re: Bilge Cleaning

Post by aquaplane »

GUNK for car engines would probably work. Brush it on and rinse off I think.

Best not to pump it and the rinsings out in a marina or anywhere sensitive though.

Fairy disperses the oil so that you can pump it away too, which is all you are doing with anything else.
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Re: Bilge cleaning

Post by Nigel Birch »

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Re: Bilge cleaning

Post by philipstevens »

All I have ever used is the ordinary washing-up liquid (even the el-cheapo stuff from the £-shop) in warm or (better still) hot water. A gentle scrub, and it all comes off - and you are left with a "lemony" smell, instead of the Bilgex smell.

Bilgex is better for heavily ingrained grease and grime though.

One spray product that will remove most things, is Elbow Grease, at £1 from £-shops and the like.
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Waka Tiki
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Re: Bilge cleaning

Post by Waka Tiki »

Hi there,
A few years ago I was restoring a very neglected Kingfisher 26. The bilges were very stained due to accumulation of oil and several rusted cans. After a lot of fruitless scrubbing, and after protecting the engine and removing mattresses etc... I decided that if you can power-wash the outside... why not the inside..? Obviously it was a very damp affair but the old kingfisher had a GRP headlining so it was just a case of mopping and letting it dry and we were out of the water on hard standing.

Sounds a daft idea but I was getting fed up... and it worked! Obviously trying this would depend on what stage of restoration you are at...

Regards John
Terry Sankey
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Re: Bilge cleaning

Post by Terry Sankey »

My Pageant had years of oil in my bilges.
I bought some environmentally friendly natural bilge cleaner made out of zest of lemons. It might sound "cracked" but it proved very good. It cleaned off all the oil into a sludge that I sponged into a bucket and washed out with water. The boat smelt clean and fresh and I then gave a coat of white bilge paint. I highly recommend it as an environmentally good product. I can't remember what it's called but I bought it on eBay and was told about it. A search for bilge cleaner and citrus or Lemon will find it. I bought 5 litres.
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