Headlining painted - still tacky!

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Headlining painted - still tacky!

Post by Brighthelmstone » Wed Sep 17, 2014 12:33 pm

Dear Westerly folk,

I painted the headlining on my W33 a couple of years ago with car headling vinyl spray paint. In most areas it is still very tacky - cushions, clothing and hair all stick to it. I was probably over enthusiastic in terms of the amount layed on (I did it in coats). So, to save replacing the lot some day soon, does anyone know of something I could try to remove the tack? Sanding, alcohol rub?, coating in emulsion?

If anyone has solved similar, or has ideas, I'd be most grateful.

Steve Whiteley
W33 - Brighthelmstone, lying Chichester.

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Re: Headlining painted - still tacky!

Post by paulprd » Tue Sep 23, 2014 12:06 pm

Hi Steve,

Firstly must say not had the problem my self so not a tried and tested suggestion! Best. If you can get hold of or have a can drop the producer an email and they should be able to advise.

If you can't get any help from the producer..

Petrol and Acetone are fantastic and cellulose thinners is about the best "remover" of anything you can get.

Test first just to make sure it does not also dissolve the vinyl as well! Don't get on GRP for any length of time is it will start to dissolve the gel coat if left too long. A word of warning, make sure you use it well ventilated, better still windy with hatches open as obviously potent, naturally highly flammable and vapours are heavier than air. Treat it like LPG gas and hand pump the bilge after to remove any residue. Use sparingly and with care in other words.

Hope this helps



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Re: Headlining painted - still tacky!

Post by BarryandLinda » Wed Oct 01, 2014 9:58 am

Hello Steve, When we replaced headlining last winter Hawke House recommended using 'Autoglym' tar remover when trying to remove excess glue. It worked really well, and unlike acetone or other solvents it does not damage the headliner or leave dull patches.

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