Water under floor boards Centaur

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Re: Water under floor boards Centaur

Post by TyroSailor » Mon May 18, 2015 9:05 pm

Hi all - first post

I've recently bought a Centaur (my first boat) and have a similar problem. The water under the engine is from the stern gland - and probably from leaks in the cooling system which I'm about to investigate.

I too can't find a limber hole between the engine bilge and the main one, but when I took up the table mount (well, it was so old it broke when I leaned against it) there was a little water under there. The only fixed pump sucks from under the engine.
There also seems to be a small leak somewhere near the bottom of the king post next to the heads valves (both of which had been overhauled with new flanges). None of these leaks are enormous - just enough to be slightly worrying when I'm leaving the boat for a couple of weeks. I need to fit an automatic bilge pump (and a way of charging the batteries when I'm not there...) - but more importantly I need to find and fix the leaks.

Unfortunately there seems to be no way of getting at the bilges without breaking up the floor, which I'm reluctant to do - but that in itself is a bit worrying in an emergency. Do I need to remove it all and put in removable panels?

Any ideas?
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