Are my batteries knackered now?

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Are my batteries knackered now?

Post by dj7613 »

Are my #Batteries knackered now?
Got back to my boat today and find power tripped. Seems to be a fault on the marina power socket. Was ok when I left and my plug may have been moved as locals seemed to be aware of socket fault! However my batteries discharged...poss to 9v. Now charger on and engine building back to 14+ volts
Fan on charger operating....never seen that before but it is what is supposed to happen.
Looks like charger aiming for 14.5 v.. Had 20A charge current all day. Charger has now moved to float at 13.5v, fan stopped and battery monitor says 100 per cent charge.
No evidence of batteries gassing....They were new this season.
Do you think they are knackered now?
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Re: Are my batteries knackered now?

Post by Wolfgang »

I guess they have been abused somehow. How much, I can't say. But basically they don't like deep discharge. Battery chemistry is a bit of a mystery to me, but I would keep a close look at battery capacity and voltage on the next cruise. If you have the feeling that the voltage drop correlates with power consumption, then the batteries might be o.k.

But, it's a bad habit to leave the boot on the charger from the power socket without a plan B. Like a low voltage shut-off.
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