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Hi can anyone help ? I’m looking for information
On use of iPad for navigation and the related apps most useful and any personal experience and recommendations of the latest and best . I am told that the raymarine plotter on my boat can Bluetooth with the iPad . Being a newbie to boats and navigation I’m looking for every advantage I can gain !
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Re: iPad

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Cannot help with the Bluetooth connection.

My advice is not to get too hung up with electronics. Learn to sail and control the boat otherwise you will be distracted when your attention should be else where. You will soon learn that the Mark I eyeball is probably the most reliable navigational aid on the boat, so use them. Sailing out of Eastbourne means you are in deep water with Beachy Head and the Royal Sovereign Light Tower making fantastic points to confirm your position, so electronics are of little use. Sailing either to the east or west will generally be within sight of land, so a chart plotter will confirm where you can see where you are along the coast. Crossing the Channel should certainly be in your sights, but not this year in my opinion as newbies.
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Re: iPad

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I have an Ipad, which I bought on ebay for £30, in a weathproof, bouncable case, runnng the Navionics app, Imray tides and Windfinder pro. Ipad must be cellular and wifi, to get the GPS and update charts n away ports.

On Brightstar I also have a rgular chart plotter.

I take the Ipad everywhere that a I will be navigating, for instance at the end of June from Swansea to Plymouth and now in Holland for 3 weeks, both trips on well equipt boats but nice to have uptodate Navionics charts in my hand.

I fnd it excellent, I can have it bside me in he cockpit, zoomed as I want. If it should take a bath I have lost £30. I have been using this now for 3 years without any problem.

Last year coasting down Jersey when the vis closed in just as the chart plotter bleeped in annoyance at something, I still had the Ipad in hand.

A bit limited you can’t link AIS nor have some f the fancy sailing features such as laylines, but works good for me

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