Mounting plotter binacle of oceanquest cc

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Mounting plotter binacle of oceanquest cc

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I have just ordered a vulcan 7 plotter and want it mounted on my binacle, so it is to hand easily, in the most tidy and effective manner. I’m thinking of a rounded hardwood mini ‘shelf’ which clamps to the binacle goop, and then screwing down the cradle that comes with the plotter onto that. The hoop on the binacle is not angled or very high over the compass but i think it will be ok. Alternative is one of theose large plastic moulding mounts but they look a bit gaudy and are very expensive. I think that would also require a new hoop, so not up for that on lots of fronts! the electrics.....any tips? I’m not at the boat but, from memory, there is no obvious plumbing route down the steering shaft etc. I want minimum intrusion into the structure if poss.

If anyone has done similar on these boats, i’d be grateful of some advice. Hope to get down to her this weekend to have a reccy.


Steve Whiteley
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