Paka'a gets a solar panel

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Paka'a gets a solar panel

Post by Hardover » Tue May 15, 2018 9:44 am

Decided to install a solar panel on Paka'a, our GK29. Not much room so went for a semi rigid 40w panel which was sited just before the mast. The panel was fixed to the coach roof using 3m Dual Lock which is a sort of heavy duty plastic velcro. Hopefully the panel will remain in place but will be removeable if required. Cabling was routed through the mast step in line with several other cables using an index waterproof gland. Biggest faff was routing the cable to the batteries. Fortunately Paka'a has plywood roof panels in the forepeak. I managed to remove one of these and ran the cable into the heads - even managed to reinstate the roof panel. The cable ran down an existing conduit and with a hole drilled entered the lockers beneath the saloon bunks. I used industrial sticky tape - the type used for fixing plastic fittings to cars - to secure the cable out of harms way. I bought a 10a PWM controller with the facility to charge two batteries. Battery number 1 is the starter battery which was connected up with a 10a inline fuse as was battery 2, the leisure battery. The solar panel was then connected up and hey presto - every thing worked. The controller charges battery 1 first then switches to number 2 battery. Very easy to do. Total cost about £70.00

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