Nautech Autohelm

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Nautech Autohelm

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From the depths of a locker I have retrieved a battered polystyrene box containing a Nautech Autohelm. I now have a plastic tub with a red compass-like thingy on top and a hydraulic cylinder plus wiring. It obviously fitted some of the previously unidentified holes and an odd power socket. What I don't have is any instructions or manual. The previous owners were not pleasant people so there was very little useful documentation, no handover or explanations of fittings etc.
I assume once installed all I have to do to test the unit it so is to power it up, set the compass to a heading and see what if anything happens. I assume that like the Apelco GPS it will be clapped out but I would like to try it before binning it.
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Re: Nautech Autohelm

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No harm in trying it, but I expect it is a very very old model. You could try a google search with the model number and see if any manual comes up. If you do decide to replace it, then sell it on eBay for spares/repair as someone may want it for that reason.
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