Search by Boat Type, Is it possible?

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Search by Boat Type, Is it possible?

Post by Gorman501 »

I was very surprised to note when I entered probably the most popular Westerly boat model into the search box that nothing comes up. Is there some other way I should be searching under boat model eg " Konsort" and all associated topics on the model. It seems to me it would be handy to have category titles for boat models. Anyone any ideas on this subject.

Much Appreciated and this is a great forum. Thanks to all who have contributed to it in the past for this newbie who is learning on the hoof...:)
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Re: Search by Boat Type, Is it possible?

Post by Nigel Birch »

I don't think it is possible with the forum because there is no way of tagging a post as being applicable to a certain class or model.

However, the technical section on the website:

does have this facility as is possibly a richer source of information as it spans all the WOA magazine articles.

all the best

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