User name change

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User name change

Post by Storyline »

As we have now sold Saumur could our user name be changed to Storyline which is the name of of our conway please ?

Also, any chance of a forum link on one of the drop down menus on the main woa page as the buttons do not render on Android ? (I know this is an issue you are aware of) - thanks :)
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Re: User name change

Post by philipstevens »

I have changed it to Storyline. Can you give it a go?

As for the other question, I will pass that on.
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Re: User name change

Post by JayT »

Hi - there is now a menu item under "WOA" drop down for the Forum. You can also get to any page from the "Site Map" under the "Home" drop down.
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Re: User name change

Post by rhumlady »

Thanks Tim for a quick response.
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