WOA South Coast Group Channel Crossing

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WOA South Coast Group Channel Crossing

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We had an email regarding the above.
We're newcomers to the WOA having recently bought a Centaur (not our first boat though).

1/. It states that " This is an all-day passage for boats who can maintain a speed of 5kts over the ground" . As far as I know, this is well in excess of the passage planning speed of a Centaur so asked David Symonds about it. He has advised that there are Centaurs booked onto it and I wondered how this would work? Presumably the larger boats just pull away and the Centaurs plod along in their own slower-paced world and all pitch up at the same place eventually.

I was wondering how many Centaurs were going & where from? Ours will be based in Littlehampton by then.

Many thanks
Centaur Polly B
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