Hard steering

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Hard steering

Post by Yoramy » Mon Jun 25, 2018 8:40 am

The wheel on my 1979 Conway is hard. It is certainly not possible to steer with one finger as I read it should be. It's always been hard but it might be getting slightly harder. The chain on the wheel's cog at the top of the helm post is very tight. The second cog chain, the one pulling the cables, is not as tight. I've got an a automatic pilot electric motor with its own cog and chain there as well. This motor, chain, cog are working fine.

One of the cables broke last season and replaced ( when a mate tacked with the autopilot engaged on the previous course).
Other than that there were no issues with the system. All chains and cogs are greased and clean, removed the two lower chains and checked for bad links, found two with partially limited movement . Had a look at the the cog at the top of the helm post and all seems good.
Quadrant moves freely by hand with cables removed.
Is the hard steering an indication of something in the system that needs attention?
Is there maintenance that should be done on the rudder stalk or box?
Thank you!

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