Lazy Jack Lines

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Lazy Jack Lines

Post by Glynn76 »


I have a Griffon Mk1 and I am working on rigging her for solo sailing.....cant get the crew lol. I would love a stack pack however I am working on a limited budget. I am considering the Barton Marine lazy Jack Line, does anyone use these? My only concern is the battons catching as they are not full sail battons.

Any thoughts, or words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks

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Re: Lazy Jack Lines

Post by Vegable »

I made up my own when I had a Renown. I wandered around a marina and studied how they were rigged and where on the mast and along the boom they were fitted. I bought small pulleys but I have since seen a few made with just bowlines, some 6mm cordage, and a couple of cleats which were mounted each side of the mast. It worked out about 2/3 the price of a Barton system.
Without question, of all the bits and pieces I've bought/made-up for my boats this was/is the most useful and helpful aid.
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Re: Lazy Jack Lines

Post by TyroSailor »

My Centaur has lazyjacks made up from small diameter cordage (?4mm) with bowline loops at all the strategic points, Since they rarely need adjusting, it seems to work well.
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Re: Lazy Jack Lines

Post by Hardover »

On my previous yacht I installed a DIY retractable "lazy Jack" system which worked very well although it did entail going forward to the mast to deploy them. A couple of blocks hanging from the spreaders with 6mm braid spliced to stainless steel rings. Cost under £20.
Wife was willing to be winched up the mast which helped!
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