Seized seacock solution

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Seized seacock solution

Post by Hardover »

The heads discharge seacock has progressively become more difficult to open and close and finally seized. It obviously needs a strip down which will happen at the end of the season. In the meantime I poured a egg cup full of olive oil into the heads and with the intake valve shutdown operated the pump very slowly. The oil was enough to lubricate the seacock and it now operates fully. Still need to strip it down eventually. Hopefully the small amount of olive oil won't have too much negative impact on the environment.
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Re: Seized seacock solution

Post by TyroSailor »

A sizeable splash of oil into the heads was recommended to me as a good way of lubricating the heads pump itself. Olive oil seems a bit extravagant to me (unless you're in the Med, I suppose) though; bog standard (!) vegetable oil will do.
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