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Regatta logo

Post by 1340fxd » Fri Mar 02, 2018 12:39 pm

My newly acquired Regatta 290 has, like all Regattas a logo on each side above the deck slightly forward of the cockpit and my logo was no longer looking very fresh to say the least. I tried Trafalgar Yacht Services but they could not help so I contacted Ken Freivokh who sadly does not have the original logo specification.

I struggled a bit but managed to find pictures of the logo on original boats with Google and made up my own version, sizing it on what was left of the original on my boat but how to get it made? I asked my mate Mark at Funky Monkey boat names and he made me two logos which I have fitted and I think they look good - I have attached a picture of the end result. So any Regatta owners wanting a new logo may like to discuss it with Mark at
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