Falcon - Foot Blocks

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Falcon - Foot Blocks

Post by Jmontepegado » Wed Jan 24, 2018 4:51 pm

Hello everyone,
Greetings from Portugal!
I have recently bought a beautiful westerly Falcon 34 so I'm new to this forum and to the WOA.
This weekend I’ve found out the foot blocks of the Genoa on starboard side is disintegrating... I've looked in the posts and I think this situation was not discussed before.
Please check attached photos.
Can anyone help me with this issue? How can I replace the part? Anyone had the same problem?
Can I just unscrew the foot block, replace the wheel and screw it again or are the bolts “glued” to the fiberglas? (The nuts inside the boat are fiberglassed cover…)
I’ve seen in some photos from other Falcons that they had a double line foot block instead so I suppose/hope they can be “easily” changed…
Every suggestion is appreciated.
Thanks in advance for all your collaboration.
Cheers and good winds!
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Re: Falcon - Foot Blocks

Post by philipstevens » Wed Jan 24, 2018 5:02 pm

Foot-block replacement sheaves are available from Westerly Spares/Trafalgar Yacht Services.

http://www.westerly-yachts.co.uk/index. ... =5a&page=5

Jolly Roger will probably be able to explain how to replace the sheave. It will possibly be necessary to remove the fibre-glass covering the nuts below deck.
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Re: Falcon - Foot Blocks

Post by Jolly Roger » Wed Jan 24, 2018 9:52 pm

They look like they were made by Lewmar. Unfortunately I have not removed a foot block but I expect once removed from the deck I think the pin will be able to be drifted out by hitting the top of the pin with a punch. You might need some release fluid like PlusGas as the pin is likely to be corroded in. Hot water can also work well to help release.

Your big problem will be removing the fixing bolts from the deck. The nuts will have been glassed over to prevent leaks. You may have have to peel back the headlining to get at them. You will need to cut the fiberglass away, I used a Dremel on my boat. There will be the nut and a penny washer, so I would recommend cutting away sufficient to get at both out. When refitting, use a good sealant. Personally I use butyl rubber on all my deck fittings as it is non-setting.
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Re: Falcon - Foot Blocks

Post by Jmontepegado » Thu Jan 25, 2018 9:15 am

Thanks everyone for the fast replies and inputs.
That is what I was afraid off…. To change a simple foot-block I need to cut the fiber glass inside the boat and take the headliner….
Somehow is doesn’t make sense to me…. What appeard to be a small project (changing of a Block…) becomes a major project….
Any last minute ideas?
Thank you very much for all the assistance.

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