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Corsair Anchor Locker Alteration.

Posted: Wed Nov 08, 2017 7:37 pm
by Big Andy
Hello all, my first post here as a new westerly owner. I have tried searching for this topic but with no success, so sorry if it's already been covered earlier.

I bought my boat earlier this year (my first) and overall am very happy with her, she's in top condition and has been lovingly maintained. However there are one or two issues I would like to deal with before the start of next season. Firstly it's the anchor locker. I believe it's as original and seems to be to small and shallow with the chain stacking up and jamming so I'd like to improve things.

My rough plan is to shorten the front berth by around six inches to extend the chain storage back and also making it around six inches deeper to stop the chain stacking. As the forward cabin is going to be used as a store when long term cruising as a couple the shortening of the berth is unimportant to us and could always reversed when selling if required. I'll also see about installing a locker drain if possible rather than having it run to the bilges.

Has anyone else done a similar job and has sage advice before I start or even not having done the job your self do you see any unexpected pit falls.
Thanks for all input and advice given (even if not followed)

Re: Corsair Anchor Locker Alteration.

Posted: Fri Nov 10, 2017 5:29 pm
by FulmarOnia
Despite my user name I too am a Corsair owner. I bought her in early 2016.
I know what you mean about the chain stacking up in a pyramid, I find it neccessary to open the little hatch from the forecabin and knock the pile over. I understand that one way to tackle this is to make your own, much smaller pyramid out of cheap ply, and put this in the chain locker so as to force the chain towards the sides of the locker as it falls in. I've not tried it myself.

Of much more importance is the lack of drainage from within the locker. This last summer on two occasions we motored for a few hours direct into the wind with seas regularly coming over the decks. Once in the marina for the night we realised our bedding in the forecabin was wet, but couldn't understand where it had come from, but resulted in much time and money spent in the marina launderette drying our bedding and some clothes. On the first occasion I was blamed for not having full closed the hatch above the berth, but on the second occasion I defintely had closed it! The following morning I opened the little hatch from the forecabin and the anchor locker was absolutely full of water. I then looked under the bunks and found a great deal of water there as well trapped forward of the newly installed bow thruster, with some having got over the bow thruster tunnel into other areas of the bilge. I removed about 20 washing up bowls of water. Clearly the locker had filled with water and then simply spilled out of the chain locker down onto the bedding and then down into the bilges.

My next task was to drill a drainage hole from as far down in the locker as I could to outside, during the winter I will do a 2nd one. The exit point is well above the waterline.

You should do the same before you consider other changes to the locker.

I personally wouldnt shorten the berth to make the locker deeper. I'm not quite 6 foot and I need the full length of the bunk, and I don't see how you could easily reverse any change.

Re: Corsair Anchor Locker Alteration.

Posted: Sat Nov 11, 2017 11:23 am
by Sailorfranco
Hi everyone,
I have a different problem: in my corsair the chain is a 8 mm and only 40 meters. I never had the problem of piling up in three years, so never had to open the hatch, also no leaking of water in the cabin as the lid board inside is quite secure and no much water enters the compartment through the very small opening which is inside the winch so raised from the deck.
Now my question would be: if you had the piling up problems, how much chain and what size do you have? I was planning on adding another 20 meters of chain, so buy 60 brand new meters of 8 mm calibrated chain, should I expect to have problems with more chain? It would be nice to know before I buy it... :)

Re: Corsair Anchor Locker Alteration.

Posted: Sat Nov 11, 2017 9:01 pm
by FulmarOnia
Unless you have drainage holes in your anchor locker any and all water that enters it is still there ( subject to evaporation of course!), so might be worth emptying the anchor locker and checking .

In answer to your question I have 70 metres of chain plus some rope maybe 20metrs cant remember and do have the "piling up problem"


Re: Corsair Anchor Locker Alteration.

Posted: Sun Nov 12, 2017 6:08 am
by Vegable
Mike Buggy, who sometime posts on here modified his Oceanranger to take the chain into the portside fwd locker. If you're a member it might be worth while contacting him, he's very approachable. If not it's only £15 to join. ( The Oceanranger is a Corsair with a sugar scoop at the stern)
On my Oceanranger I've got drainage holes in the bottom of the locker to the outside, but I found I suffered from a wet forecabin too. I stuff a sponge in the chain hole from inside the chain locker and that does the trick and keeps it dry. Coming back from Iceland this summer the front of the boat pitching was submerged right up to the loo hatch over a period of 36hrs and the fore cabin stayed dry. The only snag is remembering the sponge is in there when anchoring.
I have an electric windlass and 60m of 8mm chain and that piles up in a big pyramid and jams the chain coming in. I use a wooden mallet as a pusher to redistribute the chain as it comes in.

Re: Corsair Anchor Locker Alteration.

Posted: Thu Nov 16, 2017 8:30 am
by Big Andy
Hi and thanks for the replies. It does seem a bit odd that the original design from a very reputable company didn't take this problem into account. I was planning to run the drain through a hose back along the keel and drain it below the water level to avoid getting dirt/rust marks from an above water drain point. Do you now have this problem with your setup FulmarOnia or have you found away around that? I thought maybe a new through hull or maybe teeing it into the forward head basin drain, sand and dirt then clogging it up will be the next problem I'll have to deal with.

As to shortening the berth, we are not worried about as we don't use it for sleeping just storage. I was only thinking of losing about 4" and that little bit is too narrow to be of much use in the real world anyway.

At present I have 70 meters of 10mm grade 40 chain but would like to change that to 100 meters of 8mm grade 70 chain which I hope will help with the problem as well.


Re: Corsair Anchor Locker Alteration.

Posted: Thu Nov 16, 2017 8:37 am
by Big Andy
Hi Vegable, thanks for the heads up reference Mike Buggy, but unfortunatly I'm unable to send private messages to other members as I haven't spent enough time here yet to get my wings. I you can contact him and just point him to this thread that would be much appreciated.
Thanks Andy.

Re: Corsair Anchor Locker Alteration.

Posted: Thu Nov 16, 2017 11:04 pm
by FulmarOnia
Big Andy,

Regarding drains for the anchor locker. If you wander along your marina, any marina, you will find that all the modern boats have drains, well just a hole covered by a small stainless clam shell fitting. Yes some boats show slight signs of rust staining from below this drain point, but it's not very much and really if that is the only cosmetic thing you are concerned about then your boat must be in concours condition!
I would rather any slight staining, which can be cleaned off on lift out than worry about another below waterline skin fitting or teeing into existing skin fitting hoses below waterline level.

I suppose you could run a hose to somewhere low down in the bilge and then have an automatic bilge pump pumping out to above the waterline (teeing into the existing manual bilge pump hose is one possibility.


Re: Corsair Anchor Locker Alteration.

Posted: Tue Jan 23, 2018 10:43 pm
by P2264
Hi I am not sure if anybody will visit this thread again, but I have had my Corsair for 25 years, when I bought her the chain locker was designed to drain into the bilge which was horrible, I blocked the drain and drilled a hole as low in the locker as possible not easy as it really needs drilling from inside, not with the drill I Nadia then anyway. I fitted a small bronze skin fitting and now it drains ok but I do get a rusty streak below it. As for the piling up of the chain I have 60 mtrs of 8 mm chain, I have tried several designs to stop this but I still have to take my windless handle with me to poke down the haute pipe to force the chain to fall further into the locker, a shame really as I could weigh anchor from the cockpit if it would just fall into the bottom, very helpful as I am mostly single handed.
Has anybody got a spare Westerly water filler cap I could buy.

Re: Corsair Anchor Locker Alteration.

Posted: Sat Mar 17, 2018 6:56 am
by Pethautwp
I have a similar problem with chain piling up. On my ever increasing list of jobs to do is to try introducing a ‘cone’ of some description under the chain inlet, this I read somewhere will encourage/displace the chain to the sides. Makes sense in theory....

Re: Corsair Anchor Locker Alteration.

Posted: Thu May 10, 2018 12:13 pm
by zebek
Yes, still an issue on the boat I've just inherited from my dad.
It has a handy hatch in front of the windlass, to open and stick your hand in to move the cone, while operating the windlass pedals with your knees, but still a pain.
His ideas, that never came to fruition, that I think he found here, were either to:
  • Add a pipe extension from bottom of anchor locker down into converted chamber below one of the bunks, or
  • Use stainless (more slippery) chain that may avoiding coning!
Still await a tried and tested solution!

Re: Corsair Anchor Locker Alteration.

Posted: Thu May 10, 2018 8:32 pm
by Big Andy
As this thread has bobbed up again I thought I'd update it with the (slow) progress so far.

I have enlarged the anchor locker by bring the locker bulk head back about 8" at the top and angling it down so the bottom of it is close to where it stepped in the original design. This was as much to allow me to turn the windlass motor around as the chain was rubbing on it and worse still rubbing on the electrical supply to the motor which could only end in tears if not moved or protected with some kind of shield.

So with that bit completed I'm now working on solving the chain piling up problem. I've looked at what Force4 call an anchor boy and in theory it could well work but at £240 they've having a laugh. So thinking back to my Blue Peter days it's out with DIY kit accept this time it's steel not old squeezy bottles and empty toilet roll holders. I ordered a ball shaped 6" dia gate post finnial used an old bit of 1.5" dia pipe about 14" long and a small flat plate angled to fit the bottom of the locker, welded them together and I'm now going to get it galvanised and the jobs a goodun. As soon as it's been galvanised I'll fit and test it with 100M 8mm chain and let you know the outcome. Total cost just under a tenner plus what ever the galving will cost. OK it's not as good looking as the stainless Force4 one but as it'll be buried in wet, salty, muddy chain I don't care, plus over 200 bear tokens to the good.

Before galvanising.
[img} ... fffb_c.jpg[/img]

To drain the anchor locker I've gone with drilling through the side of the hull and covered with a clamshell. I used a 90 degree drill as low in the locker as I could then poured in a thicked WEST mix to bring the base up to and slanted towards the drain point so there should be no residual water left so long as it remains clear.