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Re: Cockpit lockers

Posted: Mon Oct 26, 2015 9:02 pm
by rogerball0
rhumlady wrote:One thing I think both Roger and I agree on is that you need to understand that things can get away from you very easily if you are not careful. In my case it is a Konsort that I kept removing bad bits from until it was literally an empty shell. It is the things that need to come out before you can get at the bad bits that can see you ending up paying out lots of money and time. I am not sure I will be able to get my boat back in the water as i am coming up to retirement next year and money will be the main problem then or the lack of it anyway. At present time is the missing ingredient.
Totally agree with you mate, with the benefit of hindsight i now fully understand why theres so many dead boat projects on ebay, if i knew then what i know now................ and in the case of both yours and my boats the less said about the 'legendary' build quality the better eh?

I've written this year off as even with the breaks from work in Bicester the phone keeps ringing back home plus phase 2 and 3 are coming out the ground now where i'm working in Bicester so wont be long before i'm back up there next year. Decided i may as well collect as much money as possible then get back in the shed early next year, that said i'll still do bits and bobs but hauling all the tools and machines out the van into the shed for a few days gets tedious.

My Grandfather used to tell me it wasn't money that was precious but time, 30 plus years on i totally get the point he was making.