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New Sails for Oceanquest

Posted: Wed Mar 11, 2015 10:55 am
by ChrisD
I have always been a bit disappointed with the speed I get from my 1999 Oceanquest compared with my old Berwick, and have decided to try some new sails. The current ones are North, probably original.

The existing ones are fully battened, do members recommend that?

Also any views on where to go for good quality bread and butter cruising sails, ideally on the south coast?

Re: New Sails for Oceanquest

Posted: Wed Mar 11, 2015 11:13 am
by Jolly Roger
I have been thinking of new sails for my Fulmar for next year. I certainly want British manufactured ones, but the critical choice is the sail material as this makes up most of the cost of the sail. For more information read Be aware that there are other manufacturers of sail cloth but the quality control and testing of the cloth is not as good as the 4 big manufacturers.

My shortlist are Kemp, Jeckells and Crusader. So far I have chatted with Kemp and Crusader, and prefered the information I received from Kemp, they were also slightly more expensive as Crusader quoted for a cheaper cloth for the roller genoa. There are plenty of other good local sailmakers that may be able to help you locally. The main question is to see where all the manufacturing work takes place as many are now farming out the cutting and basic stitching to the Far East. They may be acceptable sails but I prefer British quality control.

A fully battened main is easier to handle, especially with a stackpack, and will last longer as they do not flap as much therefore increasing the sail's life. For me that is important as I am three quarter rigged, hence most of the drive is from the mainsail. New sails will certainly be easier to set and be less porous, so boat speed will improve. If your sails were a lot newer, then it might have been worth getting an expert onboard to show you how to set them better, before buying new.

Currently I have Hoods, including the fully battened main, which were made in 1996. The main still sets OK, but the genoa is very close to the end of its working life as the sail cloth has stretched and is now causing a hook on the leach.

For a decent pair of sails expect to pay about £5000 for your boat. It might seem a lot but consider the cost per year over their life and then what you spend on berthing, it does not seem so bad.

Re: New Sails for Oceanquest

Posted: Wed Mar 11, 2015 1:26 pm
by Eeyore
Just a few thoughts from me. The sails on the boat are 2010 Kemp and are well made from good quality cloth, nice shape and I am more than happy with them. I have bought several sails over the years from Crusader and never had any issues with cut, workmanship or material and always found them great to deal with.
I bought a Jekells genoa in 2013 for the previous boat and found the material and workmanship were very mediocre, wouldn't go with them again.

Re: New Sails for Oceanquest

Posted: Sat Mar 28, 2015 5:43 pm
by RickBrennan1947
I had a new fully battened main from Kemp at the beginning of last season and it does set beautifully. I also found Kemps very knowledgeable and willing to spend a long time discussing my requirements. A chap moored a few berths down the pontoon was putting up a new furling genoa from Kemps on Thursday, it was a bog standard cross cut cruising sail, but again set very well indeed. I have previously had North Sails; I have not been overly impressed and feel you pay a lot for the name.