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Could anybody advise in the filler for the joint where the keels meet the hull on a Bilge Keeler Pentland . At the moment it seems as though it is filled with a epoxy resin as it has hardened and cracked in lots of places
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Re: Keels

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I always use Sikaflex (not sure of the correct spelling!) on my Pentland, make sure the joints between the hull and the keels are cleaned out of any old sealant etc and make sure it's dry before using Sikaflex. It's quite expensive to buy but it lasts longer than most. One tube will do both keels. Any problems give me a ring or PM.


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Re: Keels

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Sikaflex 291 is the stuff you need its about £10 a tube, the type that fits into a calking gun as has been said 1 tube will do both keels.
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Re: Keels

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.......and don't forget, if you want to keep any Sikaflex, or similar products, wrap nozzle in clingfilm and stick whole tube in the Freezer. Keeps for months, and a lot cheaper than buying new each time!
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