Centaur Gooseneck

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Centaur Gooseneck

Post by Paddington » Mon Jul 15, 2013 7:26 pm

Hi All,

Despite having a Centaur for the past 8 years, I heven't posed here before. Shame - it looks like some good stuff going on.

I have the old Proctor mast with the front handle type roller reefing. Unfortunately the gooseneck groke at the weekend. So a couple of questions.

Dose sanyone know how to get the thing apart? It looks like the handle at the front is cast in one piece with the spindle, so it has to come apart from the gooseneck end. There are a couple of rolled pins that go through gooseneck fitting itself but they look easy to put in & difficult to get out.

Second question is: has anyone got one to sell? They're obvioulsy not made any more & the other option is to get something fabricated. I don't use the roller any more since I converetd to slab reefing. At least that makes things easier.

Thanks, Dave.

Uncle Albert
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Re: Centaur Gooseneck

Post by Uncle Albert » Mon Jul 15, 2013 9:19 pm

Not got one nor really know what you have, however Roll pins should not pose a problem to extricate or replace. To get 'em out you must have the right sized drift , (not too small). It is worth taking the time fabricating the right size if nothing in your tool box exists. rather than banging with hammer try a g cramp and a hollow socket to get things moving.
A squirt of WD40 or similar helps with putting the new ones in. New ones should be obtainable from a good ironmonger, engineering or agricultural outlet. Tractors seem to use lots of em and I understand that they are standard sizes to so no doubt Proctor's drew from what was already available.

Good luck
Uncle Albert

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