falcon fuel tank

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falcon fuel tank

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our falcon fuel tank has developed the dreaded bug...have emptied the tank (fuel LOOKS absolutely fine!!) and, with a few choice words, finally extracted it ...
Its been painted on 2 sides and looks OK but the 2 sides you couldn't get to were a bit ropey and the bottom has quite a bit of flakey rust...so..do we renovate this tank, get a new steel tank (and have an inspection hatch fitted....or a nice (expensive) tectanks or find a cheaper source of plastic tank????whats everyones views
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Re: falcon fuel tank

Post by Jolly Roger »

The fuel tank would have been made in mild steel, so it has lasted quite a long time. Personally I would remove the tank and have a new one made in mild steel, or new sides fitted to the existing tank. It is not worth the expense of having a new stainless or plastic tank manufactured.

Sorry I cannot advise on the best way to remove a Falcon tank, hopefully another owner can advise.
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