Gk24 engine

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Gk24 engine

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My new-to-me project gk24 has a Nanni 2 cylinder diesel lump,believed to be 14hp. As yet it's an unknown quantity,I've turned it over by hand but haven't as yet tried to fire it up. In all honesty,it doesn't look promising!Anyway,whether I can revive it not I'd like to mount an outboard on the transom as back up if nothing else. Suggestions as to best size please. I'm guessing it will need to be longshaft? Thanks
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Re: Gk24 engine

Post by TyroSailor »

Rule of thumb is one HP per ton of displacement - this is claimed to drive the boat at its hull speed in flat water. I have my doubts about that, but anyway, if you have an engine it needs to be able to get you out of trouble in heavy weather, and for this, 3HP per ton is nearer the mark.

I have little experience of outboards (other than them being unreliable on the back of RIBs etc.) but it's certain that the shaft needs to be long enough to put the prop well below the surface at all speeds.
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