Propeller 33/Discus?

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Propeller 33/Discus?

Post by GTom12 »

It seems the 33 and the Discus have quite limited space available for props, does anyone have exact dimensions, what could fit in?

Especially interested in folding props (flex-o-fold & Co.) which might be even more limited than normal props(?).

I am asking this, because I see boats with very different engines from 30 to 50HP, and was wondering if there is a power limitation simply defined by the max prop size, someone called tops 30HP here...
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Re: Propeller 33/Discus?

Post by Merlin2700 »

If your Discus has the Mercedes OM636 engine in then your prop should be 16 x 10, your'e correct there isn't a lot of room which does limit your options.
I fitted a Featherstream from Darglow which I'm really pleased with.
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