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new mounts OM636 110mm

Posted: Fri Nov 24, 2017 2:14 am
by Yoramy
The mounts on my Mercedes OM636 should be replaced. The current mounts are 100mm center holes, the new ones are 110mm center holes. I'm thinking of using one existing holes on the brackets and drilling only a single new hole for each new mount. That way I need to drill only 4 new holes instead of 8 new ones and the new holes will not have a figure 8 shape (if i drill new holes for each, since the holes are 10mm wide, adding 5 mm to each in order to accommodate the longer mounts will create a figure 8). This will require to mount the engine 10 mm back (aft) on the brackets than it is currently mounted. There is extra 26mm length on the rear end of the brackets aft of the existing holes so this can be done, and there's enough space for the propeller to move back with the shaft 10 mm so it does not hit the hull/rudder. Im wondering if this is a feasible thing to do or am I better off keeping the existing engine placement on the brackets. I am wondering if it'll change the angle of the engine and make it impossible to align the shaft again. What other issues this may create?
The coupling on the shaft are simple to adjust as they have I believe no place for a feeler gauge.
I'll also change the rope in the stuffing box probably before.
Thanks in advance for your opinion!

Re: new mounts OM636 110mm

Posted: Wed May 16, 2018 2:18 pm
by Tony Wardale
The engine mounts have been replaced by a stiffer type, I believe. I suggest you ring Manfred Prinz at Westfields who is a mine of information and a supplier of 636 stuff. Shifting the engine back sounds as if it could create more problems than getting correct mounts .