Griffon Shaft Seal

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Griffon Shaft Seal

Post by BrightStar »

I am considering changing the shaft seal on Brightstar using either a Volvo or Radice seal.

The shaft diameter is 25.4mm and I measured the outside of the stern tube as 57.5mm which seem big.

Has anyone else done this and if so what stern tube diameter did you use.

Does anyone have any comments on the difference between the Volvo and Radice seal, it looks like they are very similiar but the Radice seal includes a greasing port and an air vent so no need to burp or to struggle trying the wriggle grease into the seal each year.
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Re: Griffon Shaft Seal

Post by philipstevens »

If you have the option of Volvo or Radice, I think I would go with the Radice - although it looks as though 42mm is the biggest for 25.4 shaft.

I have had Volvo shaft seals on both my previous boats, and as I was in the habit of anchoring and/or drying out, the Volvo had to be burped after re-float. The Radice would have done this for you.

It is also handy to be able to re-grease at any time with the Radice.

This pdf will give you some more info ... A_RMTO.pdf
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Re: Griffon Shaft Seal

Post by Jolly Roger »

The Volvo seal will requiring burping, whereas a vented or water lubricated seal does not need burping.

On my Fulmar I fitted a TidesMarine Series One shaft seal that is water lubricated using cooling water from the het exchanger. Very pleased with it as there has been no drips that I can detect after 3 seasons.
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Re: Griffon Shaft Seal

Post by mikebuggy »

I changed from a Volvo seal to a Radice last year. Now done 400 hrs on it with no problems. ive added a clear plastic tube to the vent and taken it a couple of feet above the waterline. No probs. Nice and quiet, and stays cool. If you have the room to do old trick is to tightly clamp your last rubber seal onto the shaft just ahead of the current seal. In a real emergency, the current seal can be sliced off with a stanley knife and the spare seal slid back to fit as a get you home method!
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