seahawk 34 new or reconditioned engine

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seahawk 34 new or reconditioned engine

Post by paulclarke12 »

Has any one replaced a volvo penta 2003. My engine consistently lets me down usually in another country (UK) It is the marinisation that is the problem. The 2003 has these silly copper pipes that have no clips and they frequently leak on to other components . I am considering another engine does anyone know or how to find out which engines will fit the seahawk, so that the gear box and shaft etc will not have to be changed. Or anyone know where I can obtain an other suitable engine. On volvo penta website these copper pipes are available but are priced at apprx £200 each.
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Re: seahawk 34 new or reconditioned engine

Post by mikebuggy »

Firstly, when looked after well, these are generally reasonable engines, but, as you say, the waterworks do need careful husbandry. I know quite a few nearly 30 year old ones still in use......dont forget we throw our cars away at less than half that age!
You can get good reconditioned ones (check on eBay, Google, ApolloDuck, Boats and Outboards, Coastal Rides etc), but for preference I would change, as modern engines are light quiet and economical. I have been involved in a number of straight swaps of this engine to any of the Kubota range used for example by Nanni and Beta. Beta do a straight swop deal with modifed bearers and inst panel that will fit directly. Most new engine packages come with a gearbox. Its very unlikely you could use a VP MS2 type transmission with anything other than a VP engine. The shaft may be reusable as the new engine placement and coupling can be adjusted to suit it. It may have to be shortened by a few inches as most modern gearboxes are slilghtly longer than the MS. Easy job. Just cut slicing bread....but do so accurately as you need exactly the right clearance ahead of your prop, especially if a stripper is fitted. There is a little bit of freeway in the coupling as the shaft can be slid in or out a bit before clamping.
A short length of new propshaft is not expensive in the big picture so thats probaby really a better option though.
You are likely to need a new propellor as the VP and MS give you a LH rotation while most modern setups are RH
In reality, you are likely to end up with new engine, gearbox, propshaft, prop, and sternseal. You may also need a new exhaust hose, exhaust muffler/waterlock, water filter, and antisyphon valve. Most modern engines require the next size up seawater inlet cock and hose than the thin little set-up with Westerlies and VP engines. Hence the need for the replacement weed filter etc. Many, not all, require the next size up exhaust.
There are still good boat show Beta offers about. The Beta 35 is about the right swap for you, and it will fit OK. It will link to the same controls.
You can save some money by dragging the old engine clear and painting up and cleaning the engine space yourself. Also buy the bits for exhaust and cooling locally and start preparing to fit these yourself. The new engine will link directly to the seahawk fuel system.
Any problems please let me know.
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