transmission control problem

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transmission control problem

Post by Pethautwp »

Hi, on our corsair II we have a single lever cable control on a Kanzaki KW10 gearbox. The control engages and revs up the engine without any issue, but when you're trying to get into neutral it can be hard to feel when the gear, be it forward or reverse, has disengaged.
Does anyone have any experience with this type of issue? Can anyone suggest the best way to approach the problem? Are there any particular steps that should be taken?
Should it be relevant, it did this before and after an oil change last season.
Thanks in advance
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Re: transmission control problem

Post by mikebuggy »

Presumably with that gearbox, the engine is either a Nanni, Yanmar, or Beta?
May be worth ringing Beta who are very helpful (or equivalent local Nanni or Yanmar agents).
How old is your Morse control lever?. Wear in, or poor adjustment of, this unit is a very common source of this symptom. I've gone through 2 in 10 years.
What state is the operating cable in? is there any slack in the connections? Try disconnecting the cable clevis pin connection (simple split pin removal) from the operating lever on the side of the gearbox. With the engine ticking over try moving the lever from ahead to astern. If that works ok then either cable or morse unit needs to be looked at. Also ensure the gearbox is not overfilled. I believe it is checked with the dipper 'resting' rather than screwed home. Dont tighten down the oil filler/dipstick knob too much by the way because they break easily and they are ££££££s!.
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