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Sealord exhaust water trap

Posted: Sat Dec 13, 2014 6:12 pm
by andrew_hound
Whilst changing from a 17 year old Bukh with which there had been no problems (apart form a lack of hot water!) to a Beta, it has been found that there was no water trap on the exhaust. I am now being advised to fit a Vetus water trap. Anyone out there got any comments, please?

Re: Sealord exhaust water trap

Posted: Sat Dec 13, 2014 6:43 pm
by philipstevens
We had no water lock on our Duo when we bought her, and the exhaust note was like a trumpeter on steroids!!

Because of a lack of space behind the engine/gearbox on the Duo, there was not a lot of space to fit a water lock, so bought one of these ... p-591.html as it would fit in a short space.

It got rid of all the bugler noise, with no noticeable loss of power. It is a dual purpose water trap and muffler.Image

Make sure you get the right hose spigot size.

Re: Sealord exhaust water trap

Posted: Sun Dec 14, 2014 10:11 am
by baggy1
I need to fit one too

New Beta engine on my conway

Still scratching my head as to where to fit it

I think its going to be a case of one job turning into ten again !! aw gawd :?

Re: Sealord exhaust water trap

Posted: Sun Dec 14, 2014 8:38 pm
by rhumlady
But that's what boating is also about. "I'll just do a quick fix on the headlining" 10 years later...

Re: Sealord exhaust water trap

Posted: Mon Dec 15, 2014 9:01 am
by baggy1
Just a thought.… bearing in mind my boat has not had a waterlock in 40 years

I am just wondering, as apposed to fitting a water lock

Would it be possible just to fit a drain tap onto the exhaust hose
obviously at the lowest point with easy access
that you can manually open to drain the excessive water in the hose, when you think that their
is a chance of water flowing back to engine when the sea picks up
or even problems starting the engine ???????

Re: Sealord exhaust water trap

Posted: Mon Dec 15, 2014 9:36 pm
by mikebuggy
Yes, I've done this job. The engine-rooms on the Oceanranger, Corsair, and Sealord, were all the same (cloned). Ive worked on VP to Beta replacements on all three. The standard concertina flattened S shape Vetus one works very well. It goes hard down on starboard floor behind engine (down to you left if you're looking over the top of the engine). The exhaust hose passes across and down the back of the engine. The outlet of the waterlock goes under the fuel tank and out to the back cabin. You should also have a separate flat rectangular plastic muffler somewhere out there at the back end of the hose.
Its quite a tight fit for the waterlock n the floor and you may have to chop a little bit out of the back corner of the starboard (left as you're looking at it) to get it to sit nicely on the floor. Make sure you get the variant which has the universally swivelling hose connectors (rather than the cheaper fixed ones). It's a b***er getting the hose under the tank and I had to cut away a bit of the support under there. I glassed in an extra plywood support afterwards.
Most engine suppliers will void your warranty now if you don't have a water must be capable of holding in it's belly the equivalent of a full length of hose (which it only just does!).
Again to avoid losing your warranty, make sure you also put in an anti-syphon loop on the raw water as well. Can either be on the input or output side. I tend to use the output side as its easier to work on from the side access door. Just take a loop in the output hose (water feed to exhaust) up to the ER ceiling, put a Vetus 'continuous dribble telltale' type vent in it at the deck-head then feed hose back down to exhaust. Telltale dribble can go over the side using the old Westerly tell tale, but I prefer to put it out to a little copper tube dribbling into the galley sink, so its easier to see operating.
One more thing, you will probably need to modify the exhaust outlet pipe. Beta has 2 types of outlets and for the SL/OL/OR/CR boats you will need the high riser version, rather than the standard that comes with the engine. Thats because the standard outlet puts things rather close to the waterline and outside Betas warranty specs. But even with the high riser you may find you need to get it cut and rewelded so that the end for the hose is facing slightly inwards and down towards where you've put the waterlock (The unmodified one is just straight fore and aft). It's an easy job for a workshop.
1 photo attached. If you want more advice or pictures you can email me at
Mike B