White smoke from Volvo MD2

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White smoke from Volvo MD2

Post by paulcd »

We have just had our Volvo MD2 reconditioned over the winter, took it out and injectors reconditioned new piston rings and rebuild kit. Back running but a lot of white smoke coming from the exhaust, wondering if this is due to diesel being burnt and if this is because the rings have to wear in or another problem?

Temperature gauge ok but water quite hot could be a combination of steam and fuel being burnt not too sure any ideas thanks.
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Re: White smoke from Volvo MD2

Post by smudger »

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Re: White smoke from Volvo MD2

Post by Vegable »

Now the engine is reconditioned it will be creating more friction so any water cooling problem you had before is now amplified. White smoke is a sign of steam so it's external of the engine workings that's the problem. Cylinders, piston rings and head gaskets etc can (happily) be ruled out. For some reason you don't have enough coolant water running through your system. Suggested places to look are 1) inlet and inlet filter, 2) Water pump impeller. 3) blockage in the exhaust system/silencer, 4) Thermastat stuck in closed position.
As a guide, using raw seawater for cooling the water temp should be around 65C so that the salt in the seawater doesn't "boil out" and stick to the sides of the engine water chambers. Car thermostats open at around 90 - 98C and is far too hot. The temperature is stamped on the thermastat somewhere. Try dropping it in a pan of water on the cooker and see when it opens
As an after thought, if it was a very cold damp day when it happened then have another look now it's got warmer.
Make sure that the raw-water inlet skin fitting hasn't got choked with antifouling over the years. I had that and it took me 3 years to realize it!
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Re: White smoke from Volvo MD2

Post by richardware »


Suggest you pay close attention to the cooling ducts (passages) in the cylinder head. On rebuilding our MD11C found that some were completely closed by salt deposits. Aggressive reaming solved all and she now runs cool and smoke free. Details and advice readily available.


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