Centaur fuel tank contamination

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Centaur fuel tank contamination

Post by paulcd »

I have just taken my fuel tank out of my centaur as the fuel was contaminated. My question is why, it seems that there must be some bug in the fuel. I am careful about this and always keep it topped up and add the usual fuel enhancers etc. However when I took the tank out I noticed that the breather at the top of the tank, I presume its a breather, has a pipe that goes to the aft of the boat, I suspect that water might be entering the tank this way. Also I use diesel bought from the garage, should I be using red diesel instead, would this help? Any ideas please. Thanks.
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Re: Centaur fuel tank contamination "Diesel Bug"

Post by JayT »

There is a well known issue with "Diesel Bug". This breeds in the interface between and water in the tank and the diesel. This is irrespective of whether it is White or Red Diesel. More here:
http://www.dieselbugbusters.co.uk/index ... &Itemid=56
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