Westerly Conway mm 2 nose down

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Westerly Conway mm 2 nose down

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Hello bought the Conway 3 years ago Ribellaine a bilge keel after a refit .Got some sailing time in this year .Was taken by surprise when she dried out nose down.The previous owners fitted bow thruster I've fitted electric windless took the life raft home last weekend as it forward of the mast .Any ideas would more weight aft be ok.cheers Bob
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Re: Westerly Conway mm 2 nose down

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Have you considered moving the liferaft aft. If it is in a cradle, then mount it in a cradle on the pushpit.

Always ensure the water and fuel tanks are kept as full as possible.

Remove any heavy items forward and place aft.

Has the original engine been changed? If so, this will also be lighter but being aft shifts the center of effort forward.

You can easily add extra weight aft using lead blocks but do make sure they are secured to the boat. If necessary add another flexible water tank aft.
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