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Junk rigged Griffon

Posted: Sun Jul 15, 2018 11:33 am
by Gangesboy
How about this for a bonkers idea, a junk rigged Griffon. by all accounts they are cheaper, you can make your own sails and battens and they are very easy for single handed sailors to sail and reef.
But..... how much to convert, and could you re- sell easily?
I've read the Westerly Tiger conversation on here and one point is upsetting the balance of the boat and its 'sailability'
so...what to do, what to do???
i look forward to your input Ladies and Gents.
Oh and i have looked at the Junk Rigged Association web site :D

Re: Junk rigged Griffon

Posted: Sun Jul 15, 2018 6:36 pm
by Jolly Roger
If someone wants to buy a Griffin (or any other known type of boat) they expect it to be similar to the original design. If it was a good design and had been intended to be offered as a junk rig, then Westerly would have offered a junk rig option. The Fulmar was originally designed as a fin keel but pressure from potential buyers for a bilge keel version made them follow the money. Later they even added a lift keel version, but only 6 were built.

The junk rig is nowhere near as efficient as a three quarter or mast head rig. It is very poor to windward with only some advantage when running. Performance overall will be less with a junk rig, even if it is easy slightly easier to handle. If it is such a marvelous rig, why do so few people have them? I would guess the percentage would be less than 0.01% of all yachts built, or rig changed, since 1960.

As to cost to change. What ever you spend changing the mast, rigging and sails will never be recouped. The rig change will certainly devalue the Griffin as it will be perceived as no longer being a Griffin, possibly making it almost unsaleable. The current Griffin rig is quite small by modern standards, so relatively easy to handle. If you want to make your existing sail plan work better consider new sails, new running rigging, ball bearing blocks, and larger winches. All of these will improve your Griffin ito make it sail better and n the eyes of potential buyers and increase its value slightly.

Re: Junk rigged Griffon

Posted: Mon Jul 16, 2018 11:22 am
by Gangesboy
Thanks Roger,
As usual sage advice, after my first flush of excitement I started to think about exactly what you mentioned in your post.
My big worry obviously was resale value.
I’ll shelve that idea!
Best Regards