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Re: Navigators & General WOA scheme

Posted: Mon Apr 02, 2018 6:16 pm
by Seawalks
The N&G relationships is very important to WOA and issues arising are indeed actively managed. The WOA Commodore and Commercial Manager have contacts with N&G Senior Management and can and do take up generally arising issues. From the correspondence on the forum it appears that not all members have the same experience and there may well be specific issues that affect the cover that is available. We will be seeking clarification from N&G on exclusions relating to swinging morrings in general and exclusion 43 in particular.
WOA Commercial Manager.

Re: Navigators & General WOA scheme

Posted: Fri Apr 06, 2018 8:38 am
by UserError
Seawalk, As a new owner & member I went with N&G this time despite the premium being 20% higher than GJW, because we were short of time and I didn't have time to evaluate the member benefits.

I found GJW happy to add benefits at no extra cost and to go back to them if I wanted to add something I might do later. As 1340fxd mentioned, do we know that the WOA IS actually getting special terms - it seems that if one asks any insurance company, they may well add what you're asking for (1). Do we know that N&g isn't just saying that we're special, to keep us on board?

I will look at the WOA scheme benefits next year though. It may be that the benefits are worth what is in reality not a huge amount of money- I hope so if the WOA defives any benefit from the relationship. If it benefits, are not members who join the n&g scheme subsidising members who don't? The WOA list membership benefits as "... discounts saving the membership fee..." but that doesn't apply to the insurance and whether one is getting a better quality policy is not necessarily clear.

If 1340fxd is willing to assist in keeping the 'special terms' a good deal, is there scope within the WOA to facilitate this?

And hats off to 1340fxd for offering!

(1) my experience and various threads on ybw.

Re: Navigators & General WOA scheme

Posted: Fri Apr 06, 2018 12:29 pm
by Fulmar433
I had previously been insured with N&G through a broker until about 18 months ago when the broker told me they were changing the policy to "various underwriters at Lloyds." They wanted an additional £10 or so for the pleasure. The new policy did not allow singlehanded after dark which was the biggest problem for me. I contacted N&G directly and the quote was about £50 lower than the broker wanted so I switched. The WOA / N&G policy gave me 24hrs singlehanded, club or WOA racing cover that the other one didn't so I felt I was gaining quite a bit. I didn't look elsewhere such as GJW, but felt I was getting quite a good deal.