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Westerly Oceanlord 'Somamar'

Posted: Thu Nov 02, 2017 9:31 am
by fionna01
Hello everyone, this is Mike - {I'm using my wife's login} - we wonder if you might be able to help with the following. We have in the past six weeks bought 'Somamar' a 1988 Oceanlord and brought her by road back to the U.K. from Port Ginesta where she has been gradually falling apart through neglect, she is in a poor state but we are now well underway with a full refit, most of which we will complete ourselves. This involves Osmosis treatment, foredeck re-core and of course stripping the interior, I will post some questions regarding sourcing parts in the relevant forum section directly, but now: 'Somamar' was originally owned from new by a Mr I. Cambell from Buckden, Huntingdon who then sold her to Snr. G. Cabanas of Casteldefells and we assume he renamed her 'Somamar', does anyone know her original name, she is hull number 28.


Re: Westerly Oceanlord 'Somamar'

Posted: Thu Nov 02, 2017 10:18 am
by Nigel Birch
Caroline Hardy at Trafalgar Yacht Services possibly can help. They have much of the original Westerly paperwork....

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Posted: Thu Nov 02, 2017 10:42 am
by fionna01
Hi and thanks, I've already been in contact with Caroline and she very kindly sent me a copy of the original bill of sale however she has no record of the name, other than when she was sold to Snr. Cabanas and renamed.

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Posted: Thu Nov 02, 2017 4:44 pm
by Jolly Roger

Welcome to the forum.

Reading about the fore deck needing re-coring. This Oceanlord may have a foam core rather than a balsa core, check with Caroline Hardy. If the deck is slightly spongy, you can dry the core out using anti-freeze injected into the core through multiple small holes drilled through the deck and core, but not the lower skin. Once dry, then inject epoxy in the fix the layers together.

Are you sure the hull is suffering from osmosis? Many hulls have very small bubbles within the gel coat caused by the gel coat not being brushed out sufficiently to remove air bubbles from the mix. If this is the case then you can just fill the holes. If you are thinking of epoxying the hull, then I was advised to only apply 3 coats, not 5, as there may be some more appear in the future and makes repair work easier.

The hull will probably have a raised moisture level, but this is quite normal for a boat of this age. Try and allow the hull to dry for as long as possible before applying any new underwater coatings.

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Posted: Tue Dec 26, 2017 3:07 pm
by fionna01
My sincere apologies for not being back to the forum, Fionna and I also hope you've all had a wonderful Christmas. Work and 'Somamar' have taken all of our time but as an update: I have stripped the gel coat below the waterline, it definitely was a pretty severe case of osmosis, I have repeatedly washed the hull down with a pressure washer to rinse out the 'vile brown vinegar', a process I'll probably repeat a few times more, then it can stay open to the elements and will be probably the last job to be completed, the longer it's open and drying, the better. I will probably finish the job off with a couple of coats of epoxy paint, rather than epoxy resin, and then fair in with epoxy filler, this the advice I'm being given by firms who specialise in osmosis treatment. The decks are fine apart from a small section of the port side foredeck, it is indeed balsa core, and it seems to be dry (I stripped away from the underside in the forecabin to check and its solid and dry) yet there is a distinct 'dip' which is NOT matched on the underside in the forecabin so it's not a structural 'sagging'. This issue is interesting and I'm not sure yet what to make of it.The insides are stripped of doors etc. cabin sole all out and dry now, sanded and looking good for varnishing, bilges all cleaned, water tanks out and awaiting repair (seams are leaking) linings are all out and I'll be renewing obviously, sewn sections will be bought all others I'll do from the roll. One by one I am replacing the sea cocks. Much now is at a standstill until spring which is fine as there is still a fair bit of drying out inside yet, I have heating on full time inside to make sure all is ready come spring.

The topsides needs the treadmaster stripping and replacing, it's damaged, brittle and cracking off in many places, once it's off I'm going to have to paint the deck before new treadmaster, coach roof and cockpit areas need painting, they've been poorly sprayed and painted some time in the past, I'll probably go for single pack for ease and put extra time into the finish if needed.

My biggest mistake was to have the boat brought to Inverness Marina. It was convenient I thought as it's where we moor our beautiful Westerly 33 'Sadhu'. I should have organised indoor storage here in Caithness (on reflection I realised I new the ideal site near Wick) where we live and had the boat transported up here, I could have worked throughout the winter and summer(it still rains a lot in the summer months), however what's done is done and I will work around it (can't put a tent up yet as all stanchion bases need replaced as do the stanchions) but I think this will mean a relaunch date in 2019. Well that's my update, thanks again for your replies, this may or may not seem a big project to you folks, 'Somamar' really was/is in a pretty terrible state, my wife and I couldn't see her left and it was obvious no-one else was going to buy her, we are lucky that we can complete the bulk of the work ourselves, we're equally fortunate that her mast and sails are absolutely excellent, her engine whilst being the original Volvo was completely rebuilt by Volvo specialists in Spain, when all is complete I may post up before and after photos?

Thanks again and we wish you a good New Year.

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Posted: Wed Dec 27, 2017 1:01 am
by Jolly Roger
To remove the Treadmaster, use a multitool (Fein are expensive but the best) with a flat blade. You should be able to remove the Treadmaster without damaging the gel coat. If you do damage it, then use Plastic Padding Gel Coat Filler. This is what I did on my Fulmar and it is written up in my thread on Renovating Concerto, along with photos. If you have not looked at this thread, then I suggest you will find plenty of tips on how I did certain jobs and should save you some time. If you have photos of the problems on your deck, I may be able to advise better on what to do.

If you are changing the stanchions, I would suggest you raise the height to 27" from 24" and add side gates. If you are interested I have sufficient in stainless steel for side gates and stanchions in 27" at a keen price. Just private message me if you want to know more.