Westerly 35 only 2 built?

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Westerly 35 only 2 built?

Post by LynsW35 » Sun May 21, 2017 8:25 pm

Hi, I have come by a W35 that I read is only one of two built. They were a hybrid of the Medway and Solway aft cockpit sloop rigged. The boat was originally called Sythee and local to the Solent.
does anyone remember this boat and do you know if it ever went blue water cruising, crossing the pond, etc? Reason I ask is because I am in the process of completely restoring her and I have discovered two large mild steel water tanks in the V Berth so assume she was rigged to hold extra water.
I have removed one of the tanks so I can fit a Holding tank and can see at some time in the past a holding tank may have been fitted by the outlet on the stbd deck.
Re the history of the boat I heard the other W35 is in North America so if you know the name of the boat or the owner I would like to get in touch and compare notes.

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Re: Westerly 35 only 2 built? No, at least 6...

Post by JayT » Tue May 23, 2017 2:28 pm

Hi. We know quite a lot about the W35's, and there were actually at least 6 built. This example (actually "Sithee" before being renamed several times) is well known to us and to Caroline Hardy at Trafalgar. Caroline writes:
SITHEE was owned for many years by a couple called Duncan-Brown who kept her on a mooring in Portsmouth harbour. Every winter it was lifted out in the boatyard next to our office. We had it up for sale for a while, but the owners had a private buyer and accepted a very low offer just to get it off their hands. This buyer only had it for a very short time, then I saw it up for sale in Beaulieu advertised by the new owner, but I don’t know if he still owns her or has since sold.
The W35s are a bit of an anomaly. They seem to fall into the gap in between when the Conway became the W36. There were only a few built, and SITHEE was a Medway version, just to add to the complication. We still have the spec on file.
The current owners (your good selves I believe) renamed her to Ar Lan Y Mor. Please contact me at the Admin Office for more information on other owners.
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