Westerly Oceanquest CC

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Westerly Oceanquest CC

Post by sihall » Fri May 30, 2014 9:18 pm

We are very seriously considering purchasing an Oceanquest CC and would like some guidance from the forum.
The layout is very appealing for a couple but we are wondering if it is possible to sail with the cockpit enclosure raised.
Cockpit enclosures seem to vary in design but we would like to know if anybody actually sails with the enclosure in situ as this is very important in our choice?

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Re: Westerly Oceanquest CC

Post by Vegable » Sun Jun 01, 2014 10:35 am

We've got a full cockpit cover on our Oceanranger and we had it purpose built locally in Pwllheli. Without doubt after lazyjacks it is the next best thing we've put on our boats. It makes the boat appear warmer and is definately dryer inside. It gives you a lot more space and on wet days gives you a storage area to dry wet waterproofs without making the inside of the boat cluttered or damp. You can dine al fresco on cold nights and sit in the cockpit chatting with friends watching the night sky.

I've only tried once moving with the cover up and will not try it again! In a damp/wet conditions it mists up very quickly and you can' t see where you're going. Also the side panels of the cover restrict your vision and I just didn't like it. I've not tried sailing with it up and unless it's well ventilated I think you'll find misting problems too.

If you're going for one, take a lot of time looking at other covers and work out what you'd like and dislike about them. How wide is the doorway to get in, can it be velcroed open? Do you want the aft section to roll up, if you roll the hood down will it obscure your instruments, when the metalwok of the cover is stowed does it block cleats, spinaker winch etc.,etc. Where do you want windows and lastly how high do you want it. Then choose your maker, preferably someone local because to carry out all you design thoughts it will have to be measured up on site. My sailmaker JKA Sails in Pwllheli, measured up, made it in tracing paper, offered that up and then made adjustments and then made it up in rhe material. As a result I have exactly what I wanted and am delighted with it. The only thing I forgot about was velcro strips to hold the doorway up which is a nuisance when its windy and wet and you're trying to load shopping into the cockpit.
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