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by RogerLloyd
Wed Oct 12, 2011 12:51 am
Forum: Instruments & electrics
Topic: Centaur depth sounder
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Re: Centaur depth sounder

My centaur had a through-hull fitting underneath the mast support. Accessed by lifting out the ice box. However, use an existing one if already fitted. They can last at least 30 years. Otherwise, if you wish to avoid making another hole in the hull, fit a transducer on the inside of the hull. This i...
by RogerLloyd
Tue Oct 11, 2011 1:03 am
Forum: General chat
Topic: Konsort: Ballast Ratio
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Re: Konsort: Ballast Ratio

I am interested to know the displacement of my Westerly Konsort. I gather that I may select from: - 1) 9211 lbs = 4198 kg (original documentation) 2) 7900 lbs = 3590 kg (c1985) 3) 8516 lbs = 3870 kg 4) any other numbers called out at bingo Does anybody know which is right, or are they all right - fo...
by RogerLloyd
Mon Oct 10, 2011 2:12 pm
Forum: Instruments & electrics
Topic: Westery Konsort - Which Autopilot?
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Westery Konsort - Which Autopilot?

I have a Westerly Konsort and a SIMRAD TP10, which does not seem to work very well. Which autopilot do you use on your Konsort and how well does it work?